Cycling Log 2013

Never really got off the bike this winter; commuted by bike all but a few days, with the coldest being 16 degrees (but with no wind) and really perfectly comfortable. Scheduling did require me to drive in on a couple of occasions, and in late March as winter started to drag on and there were several late dustings of snow, I just wasn't up for it. Started regular road riding shortly before St. Patrick's Day.

1:04, 25.14k, 23.3kph avg., 36.2 max, ending odo 15295.

1:53, 42.18k, 22.2kph avg., 37.7 max, ending odo 15337.

Sunday: 52.07, 20.58k, 23.2kph avg., 42.0 max, ending odo 15358.

Monday before Easter: quick hour up the bike path. 58:44, 24.0k, 24.6kph avg., 34.2 max, ending odo 15382.

Easter Sunday ride to Rotterdam: 1:58:41, 52.89k, 26.7kph avg. max 51.8, ending odo 15435.

4/4: Around the neighborhoods and Country Lane: 26k, ending odo 15461.

4/5: Palmer Road loop. 1:04, 27.18k, 25.1kph avg., max 52.0, ending odo 15488.

Doing a lousy job keeping track of these:

4/20: more than 2 hours in the saddle, slow because I was on the city streets, just tooling around. 2:13, 48.87k, 21.9 avg., 47.3 max, 15562 ending odo.

4/22: 1:26, 34.98k, 24.1 avg., 45.8 max, 15597 ending odo.

4/26: extended commute with a ride to TNO, some side trips to stretch it out.

4/27: Out to the cemetery, back down to Old Nisky to the train station, stretch of bike path to Fonda Road and back down through Cohoes, Broadway to downtown (dance). 2:00, 52.38, 26.1 avg., 48.3 max, 15649.

4/28: First ride with Lee, up the bike path to Watervliet. 46:38, 14.55, 18.7kph avg., 27.7 max, ending odo 15663.

4/29: Know how I say I've never regretted a bike ride? Came close with this one. Body wasn't feeling it, it was chilly, windy, spitting rain and just unpleasant. Ran up the path and back down once and decided that was enough. Felt sick the next 20 hours. 14k.

4/30: And then a miracle happened, and I suddenly felt well. Started from Colonie Town Park and just ran out the path into Schenectady and back about as fast as I could handle it. 1:45, 49k, 27.8 kph avg., max 45.9 (level max was about 34, not shoddy), ending odo 15727.

5/3: Ride with Lee along the river.

5/5: Sunday, hadn't ridden Saturday, too much to do. Split this ride, went out for a bomb around Wynantskill and Mount Ida, then came back to the river for another ride with Lee and Bek. First leg: 1:49, 49.36k, 27.0 kph avg., 49.5 max, 15776 ending odo.


w/o 6/3: 1:49, 49.53 k, 27.2kph avg., 62.9 max (for realz -- that's 40 mph), ending odo 16027.

6/9: 1:57, 51.87k, 26.5kph avg. (and my pedal broke!), 53.1 max, ending odo 16079.

6/12: rare break in the rain around here. It's been unbelievable. Out to Nassau/Krouner road, straight through to Hoags Corners, back in on 66 to Sand Lake and then to West Sand Lake. Had an idea to go longer but omigod the wind. 2:06, 55.12k, 26.2kph avg. (wind and hills), 52.2 max, ending odo 16134.


Nevertheless, 7/27 -- started in Watervliet for reasons relating to having to be in Troy later on. Up in Halfmoon took an odd turn onto Harris Road, which was a perfectly lovely way to do. Even did a loop, which I never do, partly because I wasn't quite where I thought I was. Then Farm-to-Market all the way back down to the river, which wasn't my intention, but it was fine. The sky was clear and blue, the temperature absolutely perfect, and the views spectacular. 2:01, 56.66k, avg. 28.0 kph, 53.8 max. Ending odo 16577, which shows you how little cycling I've been getting done this summer, but there has been running, kayaking, and laying low and avoiding the heat.

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Tuesday, 7/30: Fairly fast trip from Colonie Town Park over to Rexford, up Blue Barns Road and around Clifton Park, back down 9, little bit of an extra spin to make it longer. Just over 60k, with an average of I think 27.9kph.

Saturday, 8/3: Depressed from looking at my average speeds from a couple of years ago and my average speeds now. Definitely not getting in the kind of training or keeping my head in the game the way I was. And I was lamenting that I hadn't gone up Taborton Road yet this year (or maybe at all last year), so that was the ride of the day. It was in the early 70s and supposed to be cloudy though of course the sun burned through during the climbs. Out Best-Luther to Old Best to West Sand Lake, straight up to Taborton Road to the top at Cherry Plain (avg. to there was a pitiful 22.7 kph, even though I felt really good on the climbs; my initial speed was nothing). Then hit a record fast descent down Dutch Church (62.3 kph, 38.7 mph) before turning into a headwind down Plank Road that slowed the descent considerably. Straight through Poestenkill, then a diversion that took me to Weatherwax and into Troy on Spring to Pawling, down Congress and to the Farmer's Market. 2:31, 65.65 k, 26.1kph avg., 62.3 kph max, ending odo 16701.

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