Cycling Log 2010

11/15/10: What turned out to be the final ride for a long time. Forcing myself on the bike just wasn't working, so it would be February before I mounted again. 2:05, 55.56k, 26.5 avg., a max that had to be a mistake of 71.8, ending the season at 11590.

11/6/10: Coming few and far between, unfortunately. Couple of hours running around Troy, Cohoes (so happy that Bridge Street is open again!), and I forget how I even came back home, but it took about two hours and felt pretty good. 1:52, 48.4k, 25.9 avg., 50.6 max, ending odo 11535.

10/30/10: Rain and running around during the week, no time to ride. Quick pop during Nutcracker rehearsal out Old Nisky to the circle, then back in to The Crossings and home on Old Nisky again. 1:12, 31.4k, 26.1 avg., 42.9 max, 11486 ending odo.

Just running around Clarks Chapel, circling back along Miller/New, etc. 1:26, 38.85k, 27kph avg., 61.7 max, ending odo 11455.

10/17/10: Like the day before but without the wind. Quick run out to the Nisky train station and back. 1:33, 42.52k, 27.1kph avg., 49.1 max, 11416 ending odo.

10/16/10: 50s but howling wind. Decide to just tool around Troy neighborhoods, which led me to do something I haven't done in ages: just enjoy a ride. No worries about time, speed, distance, I even just played around a little on the paths around RPI. I just had fun on a gorgeous fall day. Made me feel like a kid again. Which isn't to say that I didn't keep track: 1:42, 41.25k, 24.1kph avg., 44.1 max, 11374.

10/11/10: Gorgeous weekend, but two of three days filled with dance ferrying. Today was finally my turn. In the shape I'm in, either long or hard would have been a good choice, but I went for both. (Long being relative -- mostly doing 50k's this season, not the 70s I did last year and the year before.) Hadn't visited the smooth, well-shouldered roads of Columbia County in some time, so I started from the Route 9 park and ride and did a nice little tour of Valatie, Niverville, Chatham, Ghent-sans-Wevelgem, and Kinderhook. Had an insane average until the last few k, when a slight uphill, a slight headwind, and a slight burn in the thighs shaved some time off. Good course, though; must do it again. 2:09, 64.41k (a couple of side runs aren't on the map), 29.9kph avg., max 56.9kph, ending odo 11332.

(FYI, my average ride for the season is 47.8k. I had a lot more 70ish rides the last couple of seasons, but time has been shorter this year. That puts a 64k ride at more than 30% more than my usual, not insignificant.)

10/7/10: Rained all week. Finally back out, ran around to Cohoes Falls and back through Johnson and Fonda. 1:53, 50.7k, 26.8kph avg., 51.3 max, ending odo 11268.

10/3/10: Out to my mother's. Never found a satisfactory route before, but this one worked pretty well: out to the airport (straight up Albany-Shaker, not good for weekdays), then Watervliet-Shaker to Consaul to New Shaker Road, which I then followed to Lisha Kill, then Albany Street for an eighth of a second and then Morris in to Curry. Short, to the point, and avoids the hills and turns of the Guilderland route.  1:27, 37.7k, 25.8kph avg., 46.7 max, ending odo 11217.

10/2/10: Rained a little this week, if 6 inches is a little. Back on for a sunny Saturday, 50s, first use of the Mad Alchemy warming embrocation, which is mad wonderful. Gonna try it again today, similar conditions. Rode the path up to Troy, up the hills (still very much under construction) to RPI to check out the barnraising, then out Oakwood, across to Waterford, up past the falls and back across the St. Agnes/Miller/Swatling etc. connections back to Siena, where the new gates forced me out onto Route 9, so I just took that all the way down to Memorial and then to Van Rensselaer and down. Not looking for speed, which was a good thing. 1:48, 47.85k, 26.4kph, 54.1 max, ending odo 11180.

9/26/10: Damn, more days off because of scheduling -- the run to NYC and back took two days out of me. Flat ride around Clifton Park, started at the Exit 8 park and ride and then up Lapp to Grooms to Visscher Ferry, litte wiggle through Jonesville, then straight out East Line across 67 and back. Another idiot thought it would be funny to throw something at me, which was one idiot too many, so if I got the license plate right he'll be getting a visit. Flat and fast, early 60s and needed sleeves and a base layer; too hot when I was stopped, just right when I was rolling. 1:40, 50.56k, you know you gotta love a 30.1kph average (some of which was the asshat-fueled adrenaline surge), max 43.6, ending odo 11132.

9/22/10: OMIGOD THE RAIN. Well, not quite, but had to run an errand to Stuyvesant Plaza, and thought I might as well do it by bike. There's no good direct safe way to get there -- Washington and Western are bad on bike -- but I swung around the Van Rensselaer/Old Nisky way to the Crossings, then down Wolf Road and over Railroad to Fuller, which is under reconstruction but there was pavement all the way. Skies had been beautiful at the start and then there was a wall of death, which I thought was going the other way. I was wrong. Started to open up when I hit Colonie Center, relented a little while at Stuy and then picked up again. Went back home Western to the Buckingham Lake neighborhood and then in through Hackett to Morton and downtown. Between the rain and the neighborhoods, pretty slow and VERY wet. Oh, yes -- a flat at the very end, right on Eastern. Filled up enough to go another couple of blocks then clicked home on my heels. 1:48, 44.29k, 24.9 avg (pre-flat), 55.8kph max (Aiken), ending odo 11081.

9/20/10: OMIGOD THE WIND. Went for the hills thinking I could hide from it, but there was no hiding from this. 35k felt like 50, and I spent most of my energy just keeping my line. Out to Log Meeting House Cemetery, in from North Schodack to Rabie Rd., back up to 150 and in to West Sand Lake, then back on Best-Luther and that was enough. 60 and sunny but SO windy; base layer and long sleeves were a bit warm but not very. 1:20, 34.86k, avg. 25.9kph and hard-fought at that, 50.3kph max, ending odo 11037.

9/18/10: Couple of days off because of circumstances and things to do and sudden rain at the end of Thursday when I had wanted to go out. Did some errands on the bike but didn't clock them. Today, sunny, 60s, breezy and brilliant. Pretty good head-to-cross wind as I headed down the ridge to Kinderhook. Didn't think I had the legs to come back through North Chatham so came back up 9 and got some of that wind at my back. Yeah, I'll say -- I ended up tearing it up with a  29.5kph average. I hit the 9&20/150 crossing in Schodack and headed toward Brookview to preserve as much of my 29.5 average as I could on the way home. Somehow I kept it all. Feeling good now. 2:15, 66.7k, 29.5kph, 53.3 max, ending odo 11002 -- more than 6800 miles on my Roubaix now. Route here, for what it's worth.

9/15/10: Getting so I have to be off the bike by 6:30, isn't it? Took a quick run out Old Nisky to Forts Ferry; missed my turn on Pollock and ended up going the long way around to Dunsbach Ferry Road, over Boght and then across to St. Agnes and Boght down into Watervliet, which is still all torn up. 1:32, 43.56k, 28.4kph avg., 51.9 max, ending odo 10935. Nice night, and I'm getting in a much better September than August.

9/13/10: Quickie as the sun was setting -- already at 6 o'clock the sun is too low for safe rides east and west -- too much sunset glare on windshields. Didn't have a huge amount of time anyway, so just ran from the Corning up the bike path as fast as I could -- 7K  at 31.7kph, then up into the cemetery, down Van Rensselaer and a run around Sage Hill Lane and back home. Went as hard as I could. 49 minutes, 22.53k, 27.3 kph, max 52.3kph (flat was 33.6), ending odo 10892.

9/11/10: Glorious day, starting chilly with a base layer and sleeves, then lost the sleeves and opened the Phonak jersey and was perfectly comfortable out in the sun. From the Corning Preserve out Old Nisky to the train station, along the path to River Road and down to Aqueduct (freshies on the other side in Rexford, then out Grooms Road (glorious, smooth, flat) all the way to Guideboard and then down into Waterford. Stopped by the tug boat festival for about 30 seconds but couldn't take the idea of cutting down my average, so got back on and headed home. 2:31, 71.32k, 28.3kph avg. (yeah, I think I love Clifton Park for averages!), max 55.6 kph, ending odo 10869k. Map here.

9/8/10: Wow, what a headwind. Started sunny, got very cloudy, a bit chill with that massive wind. Was going to go into the Glenville hills but there was a wall of death blowing in so I got very lost in Clifton Park instead. 2:02, 57.7k, 28.2kph avg (and maybe higher, I was having some glitches), 49.9kph max, ending odo 10798. Map here.

9/5/10: Suddenly cool (66 degrees), clouds and sun, and strong winds, but I took a set of loops around the hills that mostly kept me protected from the wind, and with a base layer and sleeves I was comfortable (definitely would have been too cool without them). Camp Nassau to Best Road, out past Burden Lake CC to Holcomb, through AP and across Dr. Hill's to Thais, the RIGHT way up Rabie, down Best to Chamberlin, then down Miller to Waters, left on Elliot all the way to Genet and back in on 4. 2:16, 61.78k, 27.0 avg., 61.2kph max (Rabie), ending odo 10740.

9/3/10: Hot again. Cloudy before I rode, cloudy after I rode, but while I rode? Blistering sun. Started from the library for logistical reasons. Normal ride out Sagendorf to Nassau, then down Albany Turnpike road to nearly Malden Bridge. Realized along the way that I had NO IDEA of the name of the road I was on, so if I broke a spoke there'd be no hope of rescue. Ah, well. Back in to North Chatham and up the back road, where I missed a turn somewhere and came out on 20 down near Bunker Hill Road, further out of the village than I'd wanted to be. It only matters because the pavement is awful. Back home through Sagendorf and 151. 2:09, 57.58k, 26.8kph (hills and hot, yes, but still felt slow), max got skewed, 10678 ending odo.

Yes, it's September. And it's crazy hot again. I've been pretty wimpy about hills in the heat, so I took Chamberlin and Rabie backwards again just to prove something to myself, then ran out to Wynantskill and back in for the flat return on 4. 1:44, 45.8k, 26.3 avg. (seems low, doesn't it? it's the heat), 52.6 max, 10621 odo.

8/28: Week off. Jet lag, rain, wind, and just plain not feeling like it. And then I did. For some reason, Corning Preserve was blocked off so I started from Green Island, rode up to Cohoes and then up to 9 and over to Halfmoon, down the River Road through Visschers Ferry and across to Aqueduct. Canals was having a Bike the Byway event, so there were dozens of cyclists coming the other way on River Road, a very unusual sensation (where are all these cyclists when there aren't events? I hardly ever see another soul on the roads I ride). Looked like the bike path was open again from Aqueduct to Nisky, but I went up Craig Hill instead and then rode on FRESHIES!! all the way from Balltown Road to Rosendale and a little bit beyond. Came down Old Niskayuna to 155 and slid back into Watervliet that way for a nice finish. 2:14, 64k, 28.6kph avg. (yeah pretty flat!), 53kph max, ending odo 10534. Legs felt great despite a week off.

8/21: Mostly around the home course, but with climbs the wrong way up Chamberlin and Rabie, then out 150 to Wynantskill and up to Frear Park, then back on the Albany side of the Hudson. 2:20, 59.7k, 25.4kph avg., 51kph max, ending odo 10470k.

8/18: Days off. Putting pressure on myself that keeps me off the bike, plus the logistics have gotten difficult, and my trend in massive breakdowns, now four times as many as last summer, has left me wary of being way out there. So this morning I decided to go flat and easy up the Hudson Valley. City streets really cut into your average speed, but that's okay. Map here.  2:08, 56.8k, 26.4kph (27.6 before the river crossing and the climb home!), 91.7k max (um, that looks like a mistake), 10410k ending odo.

8/13: Back on the Bianchi wheels but with the Vredestein tires. The Bianchi had identical wheels with Ultegra hubs, probably better than the stock hubs on the Roubaix, so those will be my wheels for now. No sense getting the other Open Pros rebuilt when I've got a pair here -- though it means I have no backup wheels now. Lovely ride up from Waterford, out Guideboard Road and up 9 through Round Lake and Malta, then down to Saratoga Lake, back in on Lake Road and took the shortcut to Mechanicville (instead of dropping straight into Stillwater). Was glad I did, the headwind up the river was fierce as usual. No mechanicals, picked up a staple in the back tire that stick in good but didn't puncture the tube. Lucky break. 1:58, 57.53k, 29kph avg., 48.1 max, 10353 odo.

8/11: Interrupting spoke who? Ugh. Another spoke break, making three this season, meaning these wheels need to be rebuilt or replaced. The hubs are weird, maybe that's the problem. I've got a nearly identical set on the old bike with better hubs, and though they're six years old  they may be the best option for now. Ugh. So, I was on the way to 62 great K but only got in 49 of them before having to call for rescue again. Out to Nisky through Cohoes (up 470), then back down on Boght Road where I came to my doom right by St. Colman's, which provided me with a shady expanse to wait in. 1:51, 49.37k, 26.6 avg., max 57.3kph, 10296 odo.

8/8: Paddling -- Thompson's Lake.

8/5: Niskayuna, where threat turns to rain. Started at The Crossings in Colonie, rode out to the bike path in Nisky and down to Aqueduct. Wanted to go further but it was starting to rain, Aqueduct bridge was under construction and the bike path in that section was still closed, so I went back up Balltown Road. Total freshies on River Road, all the way to Rosendale! Pouring by the end, exchanging one kind of wet for another. 1:48, 51.44k, 28.5kph avg., 52.9 max, ending odo 10247k. First ride on new spoke on back wheel.

7/31, 8/1, 8/2:
No biking, but three consecutive evenings of canoeing/kayaking on the Mohawk River. Put in at the fishing access across from Crescent on my own on Friday evening, then with Lee on Saturday, had delightful evening paddles both times. Then Sunday night Hannah and I went in at Waterford and paddled up to the last falls, hoping to provoke the famous beaver, but had no luck. I'm pretty sure that's the first time I've gotten in three consecutive days of paddling since we had children.

7/30/10: Quickie around Schenectady. Girls had a performance at Central Park, so between drop-off and showtime I tried to sprint across the river. Unfortunately took longer to get through the city that I would have hoped, so didn't get that far. 1:20, 34.26k, 25.6 avg., 51.3 max, ending odo 10195.

7/28/10: Reach exceeded grasp: thought I'd ride from Waterford to Grant's Cottage in Wilton, but seriously underestimated how far that would be if I went the River Road route, so when I had gotten done banging myself up on the road between Stillwater and Schuylerville (as rough a major road as I have ever seen, with a beautifully and horribly degraded shoulder and massive splits in the concrete road surface), I decided that 40K was half my day and crossed the river to come home. Consistent tailwind going upriver gave me a beautiful 31.6 kph avg. into Schuylerville (I'd only been at 30.6 in Mechanicville), but the wind was definitely picking up on the way back and I spent the whole 40k back in deep tuck. Gorgeous day. 2:49, 82k, avg. 29kph, max 44kph, ending odo 10160. Still on the Bianchi's back wheel.

7/25/10: Days off, both because the spoke was broken and too much else to do (though I did get out for a paddle and a beaver attack). Back on under very iffy skies, so went flat up to Troy. Rain started once I got to the Lansingburgh bridge, so I headed straight back and it really opened up when I was going to cross the river. Not wanting to deal with cars that couldn't see me, called for pickup. Of course, it all cleared up and got sunny just minutes later. So it goes. 1:55, 54.12k, 28kph avg., 48.3 max, ending odo 10078.

7/20/10: Wanted to go yesterday but allergies put me down -- benadryl bye-bye for the first time all year. So today I wanted to go long, and chose a great flat course, north from Corning Preserve to Waterford, then that great uninterrupted flat run to Mechanicville, crossed the Hudson to Hemstreet park. My flats legs were surprised to find the Mur de Huy as I climbed up from the river, but that wasn't what finished me -- it was a broken spoke just as I started to cross the Green Island Bridge. Damn! One minute I'm Fabian Cancellara, time trialing like a madman, the next I'm Andy Schleck, trying to figure out what the hell made that sound. Except, of course, I KNOW what a broken spoke sounds like. Great course, though -- I'll have to finish it next time. 2:00, 58.33k, 28.9 avg. (was higher before I hit Huy!), 55.6k max, ending odo 10024k. Yeah baby, more than 10,000K on my Roubaix!

7/17/10: This week just worked against cycling -- too many places to be, too tired, and a sick day. Finally back on for a Saturday ride, and for reasons known I had no legs. Headed backwards to Poestenkill and thought I'd head up Blue Factory Road, but once I got into town knew I had nothing to give to the hills, so I limped back home through West Sand Lake. Got myself lost off Shaver Road and popped back out onto Best. 1:35, 42k, 26.3 avg., 56k max, ending odo 9966k.

7/13/10: Only time for a quick run. The humidity was impressive -- I have NEVER been so wet at the end of a ride. Quick run out to Clarks Chapel Road, through Burden Lake and Averill Park. 1:34, 42.1k, avg. 26.7kph, max 54.6, ending odo 9923.8k.

7/11/10: Weird ride. Sun was bright and wasn't sure what I wanted to do, so I went out to West Sand Lake, where some yahoo with a Jesus fish on his Cadillac threw a cup at my head. Sweet. But I didn't want to ruin my Sunday ride, so I went out Crystal Lake Road to 66 (tried Mountain View first but missed the turn to 66), then up Snake Hill Road to Poestenkill. Lots of climbing, not rewarded on the descent because the terrain is rough. Out 351 to 2 to 278 to La Grange to Lansingburgh to Waterford, then home on the path because the sun was burning my arms and I didn't have any spare sun screen with me. Route here. 2:35, 68.75k, 26.5kph avg. (told ya I didn't get the climbs back), max 57.6k, ending odo 9881.6k. 988

Paddling with Hannah on the Hudson - tide was good, but wind from south was strong and waves were high. We got wet and did about an hour's paddling in half an hour.

7/8/10: I know I rode a short evening ride, and I know it was hot, but I didn't get the data. Ending 9182.8k, so distance was only 34k. This week has been crazy busy, killing rides.

7/5/10: Short hot loop
Too hot all day to ride, and I'd passed yesterday because my only option was a climb to Berne in 93 degree heat. Discretion, valor, etc. But tonight I was just itching and finally decided to go on a post-supper run at the lowest effort I could manage, it still being 93 degrees with the sun getting low (and 101 on the sunny side of the house). Out 151 to Sagendorf Road, then around Burden Lake Road, back in on Palmer to Miller to Waters, instead of normal turn back on Elliot I turned it toward 9/20, cut across at Genet and came back in on 4. Despite the 93 degrees, I went so soft I barely broke a sweat, which was highly necessary. 1:17, 33k, avg. 25.7kph, max 60.8 (Elliot toward Michael), odo 9778.1k.

7/3/10: Nassau, North Chatham, Niverville, home on 9J
Felt good though the sun got high and hot. Sick with sore throat and sinuses for a few days, and didn't really want to hit the hills too hard so took a flat course. Always love 203 down to North Chatham and NIverville. Bombed around south of Schodack and popped out further down 9J than I expected -- the road there is unspeakably bad, so avoid going down Knickerbocker in the future, mmmkay? 2:24, 67k, 27.8kph avg. (28.6 before I started the climb home!), max 54.4, ending odo 9745. 

6/29/10: Dutch Church and god did I have legs today
Felt so strong, despite three days off. Let's face it, getting in weekend rides is tough, and Monday was a constant threat of doom from above so I never got out. Wasn't sure I was going to do what I wanted to do, which was climb Taborton Road to Dutch Church, but I felt good at Sand Lake and there was some clouding over that took some of the heat away, so up I went. I'm not saying I never used the granny gear, I'm just saying up I went. Felt strong all the way up, and had a killer ride back down Plank Road (you don't come back down Taborton, it's too rough, though there are signs that there may be some widening and repaving going on in stretches). Came back down Snyders Lake Road, then avoided construction on Route 4 by going down Third Street Extension, then took Sherwood down and came up from the lake instead of climbing Red Mill Road -- by then the sun was seriously back out, high noon, and I was soaking wet. Trinny wet. 2:41, 71.88k, 26.6 avg. (not bad for that climb), 64.5 max (nearly as fast as I've ever gone), ending odo 9677.9k.

6/25/10: Finally, Tsatsawassa Lake Road
Been meaning to go back and do this for ages, but it's a decently long ride of Rensselaer County rollers, so you need to have the legs for it. There is NOTHING better than being on form, having your June legs so those hills that were such a pain just a few weeks ago are nothing more than a bit of work now. Mapped it on MapMyRide, but instead of going from home I left from the town library, partly because I had to be there and partly because it cuts off those last couple kilometers of climbs getting home. The day was a bit hot and muggy, wore my sleeveless and suffered through. 2:04 riding time (took some shade rests), 58.0k, avg. 27.9kph (yeah baby!), 64.9kph max, ending odo 9606.

Pretty sure 64.9kph is the fastest I've ever gone -- 40 miles per hour. I think it was around km20 on the map, on county route 18 (one of many Hoags Corners Roads).

6/23/10: Cohoes Falls fast
Not a lot of time and just a bit over 80 degrees, but hammered it to get across the 787 crossing without having to wait for the light, got a very enthusiastic pumping of the fist from a lovely young lady as I whaled up a hill, and got from Siena to ABB in a record 18 minutes. Out Broadway through 'Vliet, Green Island, up to Cohoes Falls (with a short shunt to Waterford, couldn't get in my turn lane), then up Manor Boulevard to the back way out to Delatour, Fiddler Lane, Siena, back home down Van Rensselaer. Feels so good to have form, when hills that crushed my legs just a couple of months ago don't even feel much like hills anymore. Now let's get some damn distance going!
1:26, 38.64k, 26.9kph avg., 48.7 max, ending odo 9548.0k.

6/21/10: Lazy and hot
End-of-the-day run while Hannah was at ballet. Just didn't have much power today, so just did a quick 27.48k through Watervliet and up 155, back down through Siena etc. 1:06 time, avg. 24.7kph, max 48, ending odo 9509.3k.

6/19/10: I thought Clifton Park was flat
Well, it is if you go east-west, but there are definitely some rollers going north, and some surprisingly nice country roads. It was pushing 90 and sunny but there was a strong wind that once again nearly blew me to Saratoga, and lots of shady spots along the back roads, so I broke out the sleeveless again, took some rests, and ignored the cries of my legs, still tired from the day before, as I pushed home into that headwind. 48K, 27.1kph avg.
Full route, which included some spinning around developments to pad the kilometers, here.
1:43, 48.61K, 27.1kph avg., 50.6 max, ending odo 9481.8k.

6/18/10: Rensselaer county rollers - went hard, went home
Felt strong despite the sun and getting hot. Was going to go long but attacked the hills early so decided to go hard instead. Out to Camp Nassau, then through to Hoags Corners, Route 66 through the lake district, quick stop in the Sand Lake Union Cemetery, home through West Sand Lake and across the joyful easy rollers of Old Best Road. Can't believe I never mapped this route before -- it's here. Almost exactly 2 hours in the saddle (took a couple of breaks in the shade -- sun was high and getting hot), 54.58k, 27.3kph avg., max 54.2kph, ending odo 9433.2k.

6/16/10: Beating the storm clouds
Moving f-i-l put a crimp in the last few days, not unexpectedly, but I still had some legs today. Stayed flat and urban in case I had to take cover as the clouds blew in. Route 4 to Troy, up Campbell, bounced around some neighborhoods and ended up downtown again, then out Oakwood Avenue (FRESHIES! past the cemetery, with some sexy new shoulder). Crossed to Waterford, back home down 32 to Watervliet and the bike path. Got to the house about ten minutes before the skies opened up. 60s, had to wear sleeves. Time 2:07, 54.19K, avg. 25.5 (not bad for all the stopping, but at Waterford I had a 27.0 avg.), max 54.9kph, ending odo 9378.6.

6/11/10: One way to Delmar
Hot and bright. 55:44, 25K, avg. 27, 49.6 max, ending odo 9324.4K

6/10/10: Out on the path
Quick run off the Nisky bike path, across to Scotia and back. Had intended to go long but got interrupted by phone calls.
1:23, 37.9K, 27.3 avg., 50.6 max, 9299.3

6/8/10: Wow, weird weather
Hot, cold, rainy, windy, dry -- everything. Not a lot of time and not very comfortable, so I did hill drills around the neighborhoods and up near Horizonview behind the Post Office. 56 mins, 23k, avg. 24.4, max 54.1, 9261.4 odo.

6/5/10: Nearly the last trip to Delmar
Things are winding up over there, so my days of riding over there and then getting a ride back are just about over. Took the river road all the way down to Coeymans, rode up the hill to 9W, then cut over on the airport road and came in on Elm Ave. Nice little rest at the Coeymans boat launch. 1:55 ride time, 51.6K, avg. 26.7, max 50.5. Ending odo 9238.3K.

6/3/10: Hot and flat
First chance to go in a few days - shot out of the Corning Preserve and straight on up to Waterford and beyond. So flat, and despite not having pedaled in days, felt so strong. Got hot, 80s. Watched schoolkids getting onto a cruise on the Erie Canal. Got in 58.58K, avg. of 28.7 (flat, baby), 38.4 max, 2:02 in the saddle, 9186.7K at the end.

5/30/10: All of us paddling the Alplaus
Surprised to find about a MILLION people at Aqueduct, apparently a big Nisky crew event, but we were able to get onto the water for a while anyway. Took the Sawyer 17 and the Dagger out, up the Alplaus to the first big snag. One seriously dead muskrat in the water. Gorgeous day, glad to get us all out on the water again.

5/28/10: Almost the perfect day
Again the home hills, much better than two days ago. 77 degrees, the sun not so intense but still bright clear skies and a little breeze. Out to Camp Nassau, Nassau-AP Road and then on to Averill Park on the lake road, back in on 43 to Old Best Road. Could have gone longer, but it is what it is and after weeks of silence the phone won't stop ringing today. 1:45, 47.62K, 27.1 avg., max 53.8, ending odo 9128.1K.

5/27/10: Paddling
Gorgeous evening on the Hudson with Lee. Took the Dagger out at the Corning Preserve, judged the tide right for a quick jaunt up to the Patroon Island Bridge and back. Nothing strenuous.

5/26/10: Finally doing the home hills

The sun was OMIGOD I'M AN ANT UNDER A MAGNIFYING GLASS. The temp was only about 80, but oh that sun just about fried my brain. Ran out to Camp Nassau, back in on Nassau-AP Road, then straight in on Best. 1:33, 40.78K, 26.1 avg., 54.4 max. Ending odo 9080.5K.

Also paddled - couple of quick miles around Hampton Manor Lake. Lovely evening in the solo Sawyer.

5/21/10: Delmar errand run.
Sunny. Genuinely hot by the end. Sweat at the end was impressive, and way past "rivulet." 26K out, 15K back, out the Dunn, down the river road to Wemple, a wrong turn and double back on Feura Bush to Elsmere to Wellington. Came back the quick way, down the bypass and back to the river at the Cumberland Farms (is that Corning Hill Road? I forget). Legs were feeling the days off. 1:41 in the saddle, 41K, avg. 24.3, max 52.9, ending odo 9039.7K.

5/20/10: Finally on the mend
On a bright beautiful day, the first really warm one. So gorgeous I even stopped to look at the river at Aqueduct for 20 minutes. Starting to feel better but only because of albuterol, first time in years I've been that lungsick. Started from Colonie Town Park, north on 9 to Crescent, then along the river road past Klam Steam Tavern, through Visschers Ferry, across at Aqueduct. Visitors are surprised to find the bike path closed at Aqueduct (hopefully meaning the repaving from Nott Street will at least reach the Niskayuna line), so I tested the lungs on the Balltown Road hill, and it was fine. 1:42 in the saddle, 46K, avg. 27.2, max 50.9, ending odo 8998.5K.

5/13/10: Start of the sick
Short on time and feeling ill. 20k of hill drills in Menands. A weeklong cold is settling in for an uncomfortable stay.

5/11/10: Nice March ride - in May
It will never be warm. It's about 50 degrees, cold, threatening rain, this sore throat will never go away and I'm just not into it, but I've been off for days, so I take 36k up to Green Island and back and all over the place. Could have taken more time but the cars were obnoxious and I just wasn't into it.

5/7/10: Sightseeing
At least it felt like it. I stopped TWICE to just look at water - first at the Hudson River park in Bethlehem, where I watched a man direct his wife in the fine art of taking his picture with a striper (not a stripper), then I sat for a few minutes and watched the Normanskill go by, and was surprised by the number of cyclists crossing the closed bridge. Didn't know it was a major route. South through the port to 144, spin through the park and up Creble Road, out toward Feura Bush but only as far as Elm, followed Elm to the park and then over to Murray and the maze of that section of Delmar, somehow found my way to Delaware, dipped down to the Normanskill and then back up to McAlpin, back in through Frisbie and Lincoln Park. It was a convoluted ride. 1:49, 47K, avg. 25.7kph, max 52.9, ending odo 8894.7.

5/6/10: Get those sleeves off!
Cool and rainy very suddenly turned bright and sunny, so I had to ditch the sleeves and came to regret the base layer as I bombed the hills of Luther and the Palmer Road loop for the first time this year. All the while cursing my laziness and the weakness of my legs, but turning in my fastest average speed yet this year, despite the hills. 59 minutes, 27.17k, avg. 27.3kph (in the hills!), max 56.3k, ending odo 8847.9k. (25.8 avg. at end of Luther Road!)

New tires: Vredestein Fortezza SE's both brand new at 8820K, 5/6/10

5/5/10: Sometimes 69 feels like 80
Especially when the sun is bright, hot and high, and you're coming off a stomach bug. Even the pros find it hard to make a push when their digestive system has been jimmyjacked. So I decided to go short and hard, doing hill sprints and flat sprints around the neighborhood. Precisely 1 hour,  24.47k, avg. 24.4kph (hey, Cateye, fix that rounding error!), max 50.2. Ending odo 8820.7.

5/2/10: 90 degrees in May
Got hot, hotter than I expected, on a one-way jaunt to a family picnic at Collins Park. From Greenbush up Broadway to Cohoes, little side trip through Remsen Street which I keep forgetting to come back and photograph, up the falls and then out Fonda Road. Picked up the bike path to Niskayuna train station, where the dozens of people blocking it became too much and I decided to go out Route 7. My thoughts of Route 7 are wide and flat, when in fact it's wide and rolling hills but not too bad except that it was wretchedly hot and of course no shade on that highway. Down Union and then a cut over to Nott Terrace, over to Freeman's Bridge and then a decision to try the bike path along the river there. It's unpaved, a scattering of dirt and stone and none too pleasant on a road bike, but it would have been passable but for the morass of mud under the railroad underpass. Shoes need a cleaning now. On the other hand, fun in the park and ice cream at Jumpin' Jack's! 2:06 (plus breaks for the heat), 53k, avg. 25.2, ending odo 8796.3k. (The max of 96.3 kph is a mistake, because I will never go that fast on a bike.)

March & April distance:
531.5K (330 miles) over 15 recorded rides -- less than brilliant but it is spring. Between weather and sick it seems like it's always like this.

4/30/10: Has it been 10 days?
Between cold, rain, and work, it has been, but now it's beautiful. Nisky train station by bike path, down Rosa Road through Steinmetz Park, neighborhood, side trips by the new Union sports facilities (portable toilet alert!), through the Stockade to SCCC and the bike path. Where I run into one of my oldest friends in the world, her sister and mother, out for a stroll. Up the river, cross at the new bridge, back through Scotia, Sunnyside to Freeman's Bridge, then straight up Gerling Street into a neighborhood I've never seen before, got completely lost in, but which popped me out right at the corner of Balltown and River, so perfect. 2:06 in the saddle, 50k, avg. 23.6 (which stuns me, since a lot of it was in the city, and a lot of it was walking alongside someone while talking), max 51.8, ending odo 8743.1K.

4/20/10: A day so beautiful two mechanicals couldn't ruin it,
Sidewall Blowout Spectacular!!
Again in the low 60s and sunny sunny sunny, took the Menands/Old Nisky route out to the Niskayuna Train Station, where it was so beautiful I had to sit and watch the river for a few minutes. Went back over the Colonie bike path to Fonda Road, down to Cohoes falls and then down the back streets of Cohoes, picked up the path again to Alexander St., across to Green Island where I've picked out a new set of back streets with less traffic and fewer chances for getting doored. Down through Watervliet, picked up Broadway and then shifted up to North Pearl. My left cleat had been giving me trouble and suddenly wouldn't disengage, a problem for urban riding, and disengaging my right is just not natural for me, so I stopped on the lawn at the North Albany Y and tightened up the cleat. All set to go, start rolling down the street, hear "wubba wubba wubba," and as soon as I go to check out what the heck is happening, the sidewall blows out. With a giant bang. In North Albany. In front of an elementary school. Bad news: had to call the sag wagon, which mercifully was sorta on the way through anyway. Good news: got to soak up the sun in the pretty little park in front of Sacred Heart Church. While sitting there, I realized that I could have taken the bus - every CDTA bus has a bike rack. But whether I had the fare, or even know the fare is, would have been one question, and exactly where I would have taken the bus to would have been another. But it was an option.
Still! 50.52 k, 25.2kph avg., max 44.2, exactly 2 hours of riding, ending odo 8693.2.
Now, where did I put those spare tires?

4/16/10: Head thinks I'm stronger than my legs do
Beautiful day, almost 60, base tank and sleeves. Out the Menands hills, my new favorite way to get up Van Rensselaer. Then out to Old Niskayuna Road, Buhrmaster to the bike path, then all the way to the top of the landfill. Wanted to swing around Rexford way, but my legs were telling me that was just going to be too far, so I turned around and came back exactly the same way. 1:59, 50.75K, 25.5kph avg., 50.3 max, ending odo 8642.7km.

4/13/10: First flat of the season!
Beautiful, almost 60, sunny, little wind. Through backstreets of Menands and then out the Swatling/Miller/etc. combo to Manor in Cohoes, down to the falls, back up to pick up the bike path to Alexander, home through Green Island. Picked up a rear flat in Watervliet, and another cyclist stopped to see if I had what I needed, and we rode back in together on the bike path. Thanks, Tom!  (Of course, since I had an audience, I couldn't rechain without getting grease everywhere; any other time, I can do it flawlessly.) 1:41, 42.8k, avg. 25.2kph, max 53.4, ending odo 8592.

4/11/10: North Greenbush and Rensselaer
Wicked, wicked wind from northeast after a week too busy to get a ride in. Tooled around office parks and hideous condo developments, then did the back streets of Rensselaer and found out that Summit Avenue is not kidding around. Yes, I went to the granny gear. 1:44, 39.1k, avg. 22.5kph (city streets), max 55.7, ending odo 8549.2.

4/4/10: Bethlehem errand run
One-way run to Bethlehem. Down 144, up Wemple to Weishert to Clapper, to Feura Bush and Waldenmeier Road, Delaware back in to Wellington. 38k, 1:29, avg. 25.4kph, max 54.8. Ending odo 8510.

4/2/10: Up the Troy Road.
Quick run to get the legs back. Killer headwind on the way back. 28.8km, avg. 24.7, max 49.0, ending odo 8471.9.

Long lay-off: sinus infection, cold, wind, days and days of rain. The usual spring set-back.

3/24/10: Just errands on the Bianchi.
8k around town. Sooooo windy.

3/20/10: Two days in a row
Down to Bethlehem on the river road, up Creble Road, back in on 32. 32k, av. 24.7, max 53.8, 1:17. End odo 8443.2k.

3/19/10: Making my own Vitamin D!
Back on the Roubaix - new chain/ring/cassette/brakes at odo: 8374.6km
Beautiful, bright, sunny, 68ยบ, the day when everyone was out. Forgot saddle bag so had to make a stop at The Down Tube. Most city streets and then some longer roads through Colonie. Saw places I've never seen before (again). 36.58km, avg. 22.2kph (start/stop), 1:38 in the saddle. Ending odo 8411.2km.
See route here.

3/16/10: Streets of 'Vliet
On the Bianchi, slow. 59 degrees, bright sun, some wind. Good hills in Menands, slow slog through the cemetery, lots of stop and go on the back streets of Watervliet, but two hours in the saddle and the beginnings of butt callus. 39K, let's not talk about the pace.
See route here.

3/13/10: Broke a spoke!
Spoke snapped before the ride, switched to the Bianchi upright. 41 degrees, brisk and strong headwind. St. Pat's day, too many drunks to chance the Albany streets, so stuck to bike path to Watervliet, crossed to Troy, tooled around back streets, then return by bike path. Same kit as 3/12. Computer on Bianchi not working. 1.5 hours, probably about 23kph pace, say 35k.

3/12/10: After a week of sick
North Albany and hills in Menands. Just an hour, 22K at the same average, lots of hillwork. 45 degrees, dull light, breezy. Reebok windpants over IP tights; base, Sugoi red longsleeve, IP jacket. Started with legwarmers but got too hot.

3/7/10: That first warm Sunday of spring
Route 4 to Troy, cross at Green Island Bridge, back down through Watervliet and Menands, back across on the Dunn.
Almost 50 degrees, strong cross-to-head on way out, bright sun. Kit: Descente tights, legwarmers, marmot base, yellow IP longsleeve, Postal vest, long gloves, helmet liner. Perfect comfort.
35.35K, avg. 21.8kph (city riding), max 49.5, time 1:37. Finishing odo: 8351.9

3/2/10: First ride of the season!
Starting odometer: 8293.6
Rode local loops, Country Lane hill trial, Town Park road, Temple Lane flat. Very wet, stop and go.
45 degrees, no wind, some sun. Kit: Descente tights, legwarmers, marmot base, yellow IP longsleeve, Postal vest, long gloves, helmet liner. Perfect comfort.
25K, avg. around 20kph (computer was balky). Max 50.1.

Season total: 8293 - 11590: 3297k (2,048 miles)

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