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Dear Carl,
I saw some photo's of Herman Walter Pohlsander (born 1897). Do you know if he is the same Walter Pohslander (1897-1988) who did a lot of research in the Artland (Badbergen) area? Please let me know.
Kind regards, Ronald.

Dear Carl,
It is the same person. I checked the correspondence I had in 1989 with Mrs. Pohlsander. I have a request, you might be able to help me on this. I'm looking for a nice picture of Walter Pohlsander that I may place on my website. This because he did a lot of research about the Artland history. Can you please help me on this?
Best regards, Ronald.

Great photos, Carl!

Carl, I realize you are mastering the digital format, but do you ever use film anymore? I still use a Pentax K1000 for BW and Canon SLR for shiz and giggles. Back in the stone age, where'd you have your film developed. Been burned by the one-hours at the chains scratching negs and poor printing, not that I'm expecting any prize winning shots. I'm sitting on 7 rolls. Can you make any recommendation for processing in the area?

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