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Listen, it's very simple. You shouldn't even have to be told this. If you're at the coffee shop in the train station, and there is a line of people waiting, the server is slower than molasses in this very month, and the train is boarding, you do NOT order a latte. You just don't. It's wrong. Take a coffee with milk and like it, dammit. Anything else is just asking for a caning.

So it became clear that that latte wasn't going to get made anytime soon, and that she wasn't the kind of server who could ring up additional drinks (like, actual COFFEE, the kind men like) while the flaming latte did whatever it does that makes it a latte, so despite being the next person in line, I had to bail. You don't go when they call, god only knows what seat you'll get stuck in. That 6:55 train can be Lord of the Flies sometimes.

Of course, this came after a morning for which I had thought I was prepared mostly came apart, including having to hunt for my wallet, skipping breakfast, and deciding that the bottled water I keep in my truck at all times would be useless to me on the train because it wouldn't thaw out during my lifetime. So I had to take the train entirely without recourse to drink. So it goes.

You people with your lattes – you're on my list.

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Sounds like you need one of those handy-dandy go-cups that you can take with you. I keep cheap ones from Dunkin' Donuts and the like so I can use them and abandon them on occasions like this. You get to bring you coffee on the train but then you don't have to carry the mug to the meeting. You just toss it. Not very ecologically sound, I admit.

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